Why rent?

Why rent?

When the time comes to become independent or to move to a new city, the first question that you ask is whether you should rent or buy a flat. The objective is clear: find the ideal flat that lets you enjoy your life and your time. Nevertheless, both decisions have their pros and cons.

What are the advantages of renting a flat?


  1. You need less initial savings

You don’t want to commit yourself to a mortgage or take out a loan with the bank? One of the biggest advantages of renting a flat is not having to have a huge amount of money saved. The expenses of renting a flat are much less and, if an unforeseen problem arises and you don’t want to or are unable to continue paying your rent, you are free to leave without problems.


  1. You will enjoy freedom and flexibility

In today’s world, we live in a constantly changing society that forces you to get out of your comfort zone and adapt yourself to the changes that come your way. You have to take advantage of these new opportunities, move to new places, and get to know other perspectives.


  1. No unforeseen expenses

Every month you pay your rent according to the price you have agreed on in your contract and you will be better able to control your finances.


  1. Less paperwork

The arrangements required to rent a flat are simple and convenient. The most important thing is that you choose where you want to live and focus your search in the chosen area. Once you find your flat, you will quickly be able to enjoy it.


  1. A quick decision

Choosing the flat that you will live in isn’t an easy decision. It’s a place where you will spend much of your time and where you will create an innumerable amount of memories. For this reason, renting isn’t as risky as buying, and if you end up changing your mind or finding a better opportunity, you always have the option to move.


Are you trying to decide if you should buy or rent and aren’t sure which decision is best? Come and see us, we are waiting for you!

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