What is the Occupancy Certificate?

What is the Occupancy Certificate?

The Occupancy Certificate (Cédula de Habitabilidad) of a property is a document that certifies that the property complies with the minimum conditions of habitability. This accreditation regulates the livable spaces of the property, as well as the minimum equipment that it should have: lavatory, kitchen, hot water, etc. Therefore, this document ensures that the space is habitable and meets the appropriate sanitation and hygiene guidelines.


There are two types of occupancy certificates:

-Certificate of first occupancy: for newly constructed residences or for residences that have gone through major remodeling.

-Certificate of second occupancy: for preexisting or previously lived-in residences.


In the case of a new residence, you will need the building permit or an equivalent document, an original copy of the building certificate, and the occupancy certificate signed by the technician. In the case of a second-hand property, you will need the occupancy certificate signed by a technician and a copy of the application.


Once you have all of the necessary documents, you will need to submit them to the Housing Office (la Oficina de Vivienda) in the city where the residence is located and you will receive the certificate within a 30-day period.


The Occupancy Certificate is necessary to rent or to sell a property, but it is also necessary at the time of contracting the basic housing utilities. Therefore, whether you are a homeowner or you are looking to rent a flat, make sure you have the accreditation in order.


If you don’t have the Occupancy Certificate of your flat, or you have any concerns, we collaborate with architects who are ready to help you.

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