Do I have to install home automation in my property?

Do I have to install home automation in my property?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the relationship between objects that can connect to the internet and the people that use these objects, offering an unlimited wealth of real-time, useful data. The evolution of this technology is making significant changes in businesses and economy, as well as in society in general.


Not so many years ago, home connectivity and home automation systems were only available to a small, privileged group of people that had the resources available to be able to install the different sensors and equipment. Recently, things have radically shifted and today home automation systems are within reach for the general population.


With home automation we are able to achieve comfort, convenience, and security. However, the most important thing is that it allows you to efficiently manage your energy use, allowing you to save on water, electricity, and gas. The installation of home automation systems in your property gives you the ability to manage lighting, awnings and blinds, air conditioning, irrigation systems, appliances, security systems, and many other things.


According to a number of different studies, incorporating a home automation system in your residence allows you to save between 15%-45% in your consumption of electricity, water, and gas.


Without realizing it, home automation is gaining strength in homes and flats. For this reason, when thinking about remodeling your property, it’s important to consider incorporating this technology into the residence.


Likewise, if you are in the process of renting a flat, be sure to examine all of the technological possibilities that are available to be able to implement them and save from the very beginning.

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